11 Amazing “Would You Rather” Questions to Ask your BFF

They’re easy, fun yet surprisingly thought-provoking so many people love striving to answer the questions, so it’s no wonder. You can learn so much about yourself, or individuals playing in the answers with you. So catch your BFF and find a cozy location and get ready to answer these hard “would you rather” questions. If you did and please don’t beat up your BFFs for their honest answers, we’d feel really bad!
Brace Yourselves!

Would you rather…
1. Understand your friendship will break up or when your friendship is going to break up?
2. Consistently need to lie to your own BFF or consistently have to tell the truth to your BFF?
3. Always have friends but no love interest or have a love interest but no friends?
4. Listen for your best friend ’s songs, the ones you really hate, or read your best friend’s books, the ones which are really long and boring?
5. Use the exact same toothbrush or always need to share the same plate of food with your companion?
6. Be humiliated by your best friend or spend three months not speaking to the remainder of your friends?
7. Have to keep everything from your companion or have to share with them everything?
8. Have a rich, “popular” pal who doesn’t pay attention to you or a popular” pal who’s always there for you?
9. Lose your best friend or lose your sense of taste to get a year?
10. See your companion at school each day or not see them and each night, also have a sleepover?
11. Locate 15$ throughout the day or make your best friend laugh?